1. Dress warmly and appropriately – It feels much colder than you think when you are standing still.  Modest clothing is necessary as you are representing The Salvation Army.
  2. Refrain from smoking, reading and chatting extensively while you are on duty at a kettle – We want to portray a professional and approachable atmosphere at our kettle locations.  These behaviours will detract from that goal.
  3. Be attentive to the kettle – Please do not leave a kettle unattended for any reason and make sure you are always standing next to it.  Please don’t wander!
  4. Be attentive to donors – Please greet donors with a smile and always thank them for their generosity, saying “Thank you”, “Merry Christmas” or “God bless you”.
  5. In case of an emergency – Please call our office at 604-886-3665.   Then secure the kettle with the host location (preferably a manager).  This applies to extreme emergencies only.
  6. If a donation receipt is requested; A cheque with a name and address is automatically receipted.  If the donor is giving cash (over $20.00), give them an envelope (supplied) to put the money in, have them seal the envelope and write their full name and address on the envelope before they place it into the kettle.
  7. Be courteous to your host location – Always deal with the store manager and employees in a professional manner.  If they bring any concerns to you, please direct them to call The Salvation Army office at 604-886-3665.
  8. Do not leave until your replacement arrives – It is impossible for drivers to be in more than one location at a time, it is a strong possibility that kettles may be picked up a bit early or a few minutes late.  With this in mind, never leave until someone has come to relieve you or to pick up the kettle.  If you must leave your post and are unable to reach anyone at the contact numbers provided, please leave the kettle and stand with customer service.  Note that in some instances because of a shortage of volunteers there will be a lapse between shifts.
  9. Be on time – Always show up at the start of your shift.  It is unfair to leave the previous volunteer waiting for you to arrive.  If you cannot cover your shift for any reason, please call ASAP (preferably one day before) so that if possible we can make arrangements to cover your shift.
  10. Remember that you are serving a great cause – You are appreciated and your help as a volunteer will help us to help others in the year to come.  Always remember that your efforts are extremely valuable and we do not take you for granted.  God bless you.

Thank you,
Darrell Pilgrim, The Salvation Army Sunshine Coast Ministry Director